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About Us

This blog is all about

how to organize our own hardware and software in our houses to get the best out of it and avoid to use other services that in the best case are costing money and in the worst one they are free, so you pay for them in other manner.

Have you ever felt

that everybody gives you a lot of useful services at home, in your phone, even in the washing machine and all for free? And what about the feeling that you have to start paying for the first feature you need on top of that free stuff? This happens usually as soon as you get acquainted with that service. Have you realized that all the subscriptions on your account sum up to more than a hundred dollar every month?


Did you notice

that more and more people don’t even know what the software they use is really doing for them and what more they could be getting out of it by devolving to it just a gram of awareness and will to understand?

Have you ever sensed

that your privacy and all related personal data is worth a lot to everybody except yourself?


this this is me, an engineer looking into details, bolts and nuts that make up the software and hardware that I use everyday.

I still prefer to have assets more than services, this is not always convenient in a mere economic sense, but on the long run it has always paid.

Moreover, even paying a lot for having the best particular service I was looking for, sometime I found impossible to afford what I considered obvious.

An example? I have an email account that is the envy of every big enterprise I have ever worked with in the past. I can to send 100 Gb attachments, with no limitations in mailbox dimension, 24/7 live, with calendars of every kind, address books, a share-point base, cloud storage, Active-sync features and an attractive web mail. Everything available worldwide and all hosted in my living room, all for free and truly based on open community software.

The answers to those question are also the reasons why I opened this blog.

If you had my same feeling you are in the right place.

 You will find here all software that I have tested, tailored and considered definitely worth the time investment to jot it down and make it available to everybody interested in. You will find comparisons, choices and ideas as well, wherever I spent my time on such cases and they brought to something useful

If you seek

how to make the best out of your hardware and software, if you are willing to save some money on the long run and you want to invest some time to make yourself comfortable in something under your sole and unlimited control… well, you will again find something interesting in my pages.

Some excuses first.

I am short of time to update everything and to respond to every question I receive, I try not to be choosy and follow up everything. But please consider that I spend more than 100 days a year working abroad and 2 young kids absorb a big portion of my free time when I am not on a plane. Notwithstanding this, I always wanted to merge the knowledge base that you may find split in tens of forums and blogs to have it ready in a 101 fashion.

You don’t need to be Kernighan to pick from this menu. The inclination to details and independence will just put you on wheels.

I will open a category for old style games one day. Who knows.

Thanks for stopping by!

 Hope you will find something useful here.